SynD is an automated image analysis routine to analyze dendrite and synapse characteristics in immuno-fluorescence images.

The program analyses 2D immuno-fluorescence images (LSM or TIFF files) of neurons that were labeled with antibodies against a dendrite marker, synaptic vesicle protein and an additional protein of interest. SynD detects soma, neurites and synapses and reports dendrite morphology and branching, synapse size and number but also synaptic vesicle density and synaptic accumulation of proteins as a function of distance from the soma.

How to use SynD

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The article: Schmitz, Hjorth, et al 2011

Studies using SynD (as of 2 February 2013)

For a more complete list, see google scholar. In 2018 we had passed 100 citations.

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Synapse and neurite detection